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What is Skepticism and Its Values?, in the following sections:

Fake and Imaginary Ghosts: Some Stories are Simply Made Up

Causes of Belief in the Afterlife and Differences Across Religions and Cultures: 5. There is No Afterlife

Ghosts, Physical Properties and Ghostly Clothes: A Skeptical Investigation: 3. Social Constructs and Fake Ghosts

Free Speech and Defamation of Religion: 2. The Benefits of Questioning Ideas Outweigh Religious Sensitivities

Why Question Beliefs? Dangers of Placing Ideas Beyond Doubt, and Advantages of Freethought

A Skeptical Take on Psi, Parapsychology and Other Supernatural Phenomenon

Spirit Dualism: It Makes No Sense to Divide Spirits Into "Good" and "Bad"

Quantum Physics Pseudo-scientific Theory of Soul

Fundamentalism and Literalism in World Religions: 2. Why Question Beliefs? The Descent Into Uncompromising Fundamentalism

Religion and Intelligence: 3. The Benefits and Side-Effects of Questioning Beliefs
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