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We are looking for submissions on topics of rationalism, human progress, critical analysis of international affairs, and other related topics.


Criteria for Submissions:

  • Include references and/or inline citations to back up claims that need to be substantiated.

  • Spellcheck the submission. We will not accept poor English. British English or American English are both fine.

  • Include a one-paragraph description of yourself which we may put on a "Contributors" page.

  • A minimum of four paragraphs of text.

  • The first paragraph should be an introduction and one-paragraph version of the whole page. Ask yourself, if my entire text was just one paragraph, what are the most important things to say?

  • Break the text into sections, with section headers. These will be used to create a contents menu after the introductory paragraph. Sections should be 3-8 paragraphs in length.

  • Accept that the HTF will make formatting changes and editorial changes to the markup in order to make the text web-friendly, provide linkages to other pages where appropriate, and make it compatible with HTF house style. This will only fall within the realm of aesthetics - content words will not be changed without your permission.

  • Submit as email text or an attached document in any common format. If we can't read the document, we'll get back to you.


Email submissions to

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