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Which are the Best Caribbean Countries?

By Vexen Crabtree 2013

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Social & Moral
Development Index
Pos.Higher is better
4St Vincent & Grenadines61.2
5Trinidad & Tobago59.8
6Antigua & Barbuda58.6
7St Lucia58.6
8Dominican Rep.56.3
Caribbean Avg56.2
World Avg53.8

A popular tourist and recreation destination, much of the public face of the Caribbean is scenic and centered on tourism, despite setbacks caused by occassional destructive weather events. Social problems arise from much of the Caribbean being part of established narcotics trade routes between South America and the USA.

There are 29 locations that fall within this category. By adding up all the known populations that fall within these locations, and summing their physical land areas, we can calculate population densities. Some islands and territories can end up being counted twice depending on how they are classified and divided up politically, but, mostly such errors involve only small populations. So, some data on this collection of countries in total:

1. Social and Moral Development Index and Basic Demographics

The Social and Moral Development Index concentrates on moral issues and human rights, violence, public health, equality, tolerance, freedom and effectiveness in climate change mitigation and environmentalism, and on some technological issues. A country scores higher for achieving well in those areas, and for sustaining that achievement in the long term. Those countries towards the top of this index can truly said to be setting good examples and leading humankind onwards into a bright, humane, and free future. See: What is the Best Country in the World? An Index of Morality, Conscience and Good Life.

Pos.Social & Moral
Higher is better

Expectancy (2015)
Higher is better

Gross National
Income (2011)
Higher is better
PPP $2
UN HDI (2016)
Lower is better

Population (2012)4Land Area (2011)
Per km2
Lower is better
1Bahamas63.275.56$21 565580.4m 10 010 35
2Barbados62.475.77$14 952540.3m 430 638
3Jamaica61.375.82$8 350942.8m 10 830 255
4St Vincent & Grenadines61.273.04$10 372990.1m 390 280
5Trinidad & Tobago59.870.52$28 049651.4m 5 130 263
6Antigua & Barbuda58.676.24$20 9076290 510 440 206
7St Lucia58.675.20$9 791920.2m 610 291
8Dominican Rep.56.373.65$12 7569910.2m 48 320 211
9Cuba55.179.57$7 4556811.2m 106 440 106
10Grenada54.073.56$11 502790.1m 340 310
11Dominica52.277.85$10 0969667 665 750 90
12Puerto Rico48.6 8 870
13Haiti48.463.12$1 65716310.3m 27 560 372
14St Kitts & Nevis47.173.98$22 4367453 697 260 207
Caribbean Avg56.274.14$13 83884.82.8m 12 339 231
World Avg53.871.27$17 24094.336.0m 620 450 58

Not showing due to lack of data: St Barthelemy. This page only shows places where the database has enough data to be able to come to reasonable conclusions about each place. The main focus is on nation states, but, some distinct external territories may be listed if the database has enough information about them. Averages are calculated from as many valid data points as possible, meaning, that some territories and locations that are not listed above may still be used to calculate some of the average values. Some calculations only use Independent State data - hover the cursor over values to see hints.


2. Human Rights and Moral Development

Pos.Social & Moral
Higher is better

Gender Inequality (2015)
Lower is better6
Nominal Commitment to HR (2009)
Higher is better

Press Freedom (2013)
Lower is better
LGBT Equality (2017)
Higher is better

4St Vincent & Grenadines61.215-10
5Trinidad & Tobago59.80.32122312-10
6Antigua & Barbuda58.613-10
7St Lucia58.60.356-9
8Dominican Rep.56.30.4714283425
12Puerto Rico48.6
14St Kitts & Nevis47.19-25
Caribbean Avg56.20.3911.33141-01.1
World Avg53.80.3615.1324912.6

3. Religion and Beliefs

Pos.Religiosity (2009)
Lower is better
Disbelief In God (2007)
Higher is better11
Jews (2010)
Christians (2010)
Muslims (2010)
Hindus (2010)
Buddhists (2010)
Folk Religion (2010)
Unaffiliated (2010)
1Antigua & Barbuda0.
6Dominican Rep.8770.
10St Kitts & Nevis0.
11St Lucia0.
12St Vincent & Grenadines0.
13Trinidad & Tobago90.165.95.922.
14St Barthelemy
15St Martin
17British Virgin Islands0.
18Cayman Islands0.883.
20Turks & Caicos Islands0.
21Puerto Rico0.
22US Virgin Islands0.394.
28Sint Eustatius
Caribbean Avg87.
World Avg75.19.90.560.622.


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Last Modified: 2017 Mar 22
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